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Oil in Dubai: Heritage & Timeline

1966: Oil is very first discovered in Dubai in the offshore field Fateh
1969: Dubai begins to export oil. The initial export cargo of oil developed from the Fateh field was about 180 thousand barrels
1972: oil drilling exploration wells start operations in the area in Falah.
Generation starts in June 1978 1973: A new oil subject is found in Rashid and creation begins in March 1979
1982: Yet another oil field was found in Margham, generation started in 1984.
1999: Federal government of Dubai, Emirates Nationwide Oil Organization (ENOC), opens the firm's first oil refinery and follows a wholly owned subsidiary. The refinery, which costs about $ 1.five billion and makes a hundred and twenty,000 barrels for every day.
2000: Dubai joins the Dolphin undertaking by signing a memorandum of comprehension to give the Dubai Offer Authority with Qatari gas by way of the (Dolphin)
2007 task: Dubai Petroleum will take more than all oil and fuel tasks in Dubai , Right after negotiations with global oil companies.


Dubai has about four billion barrels of oil in reserve and ranks next in conditions of oil reserves in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai Petroleum Co (DPC) is the major operator in the emirate. Dubai's oil production peaked in 1991 at 410,000 b / d, and has been declining at any time considering that.
Dubai's oil reserves have narrowed in the final 10 years and are now anticipated to be exhausted inside of twenty years. The principal fields are offshore: Fateh, Southwest Fateh and two smaller camps, Falah and Rashid. The only onshore deposit is the Margham subject. Dubai Petroleum Organization (DPC) is the top operator.
Condensate generation from the Margham onshore discipline is managing at close to 25,000 b / d. Margham, previously operated by Arco Intercontinental Oil & Fuel Firm, is now managed by the Dubai Margham Establishment, which is the unique house of the Federal government of Dubai.
Emirates Petroleum Items (EPCO) is linked with ENOC, which distributes petroleum products to far more than one hundred twenty five distribution stations in Dubai and the north of the nation. Emirates.

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