Composing a new tale

Who has in no way read the phrase: "was lucky in life." Effectively, there are individuals who imagine in luck and other people in destiny, but I can say that it was the willpower, the fantastic inspiration for the new tale that was to be created by our interviewee, Itamar Serpa Fernandes .

At the stop of the nineteen fifties, Brazil lived a moment of desire and hope with the then President of the Republic, Juscelino Kubitschek, with the assure of 50 several years of evolution in just 5. And taking benefit of the chance of the place, the Fernandes Family members, humble and several , Leaves the inside of Espirito Santo, to consider greater dwelling circumstances in the then money, Rio de Janeiro.

New town, new air and renewed hope for the Fernandes, but not every little thing was straightforward. The younger Itamar experienced to function to support with the routine maintenance of the property, but he in no way abandoned his mother's biggest advice: To be somebody in life a single should study. And with that, Itamar started to divide the time in between research and work.

At the age of 18, following the loss of life of her father, Dona Isolina's eldest son experienced to learn the responsibility of becoming the male of the residence. His determination only improved, and the need made him focus even far more on his research and function so that his brothers did not deficiency anything at all. Hence begins the new story of the young Itamar, the function in the manufacturing facility Bayer and shortly right after the approval in the vestibular.

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